Hilltop Farm Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit charity organisation and a safe haven for unwanted animals. We pride ourselves with the experience and love that these animals need to be properly taken care of and we could always do with a hand around the farm! 

We’re just getting started but that’s where you come in, Hilltop Farm needs your love of animals too; we are hoping to gain some help from within the local area any beyond to help us expand our care and get communities and schools involved to educate and give some love to the animals in our newly established sanctuary. 

If you are interested or have any questions about volunteering to help or have an animal that needs our care please get in touch! We cater for a wide range of species, although we don't take in cats and dogs. Further work is currently being carried out to be able to properly house and care for younger and more vulnerable animals.

As much as we would like to take in every animal and bird we need to consider each case carefully to make sure the correct care is available so it is vital you contact us first.