Meet Our Family

'Libby & Crunchie'

These are both American miniature horses, mother and son. Crunchie was born here in 2012, his mother Libby was born in 2009. They both are happy here and will take part in some of our organised events. 

'Boris & Pepper'

Boris and Pepper are two Kune Kune pigs which originate from New Zealand, although these two were rescued from becoming burgers and sausages and came to us at 3 months of age in 2010. they are very friendly love kids and like to be hand fed with treats and the occasional scratch.

'Wispa & Rolo'

These two half-brothers (aged 4) were rescued from Filey near Whitby after being in a very poor state, seriously undernourished, just skin and bones and their hooves had not been trimmed. Luckily they got rehabilitated until they could come to us to spend the rest of their days, they're happy now and love their ears stroked!

(Also very fond of carrots).

'Iris & Poppy'

These are pygmy goats that arrived to the sanctuary at 12 weeks of age this spring of 2016. They are small and friendly will make a great addition here especially for kids to look at and stroke at our events.

'Brenda, Bilbo & Raffy'

2 year old Brenda and her two young kids Bilbo and Raffy.

These Boer goats originate from South Africa. There was no room at their other home so have moved in with us!